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Welcome to TheTalentFinders

Because great companies need great talent


Capture data through gamified assessment across 0000’s of data points.


Through predictive analytics and machine learning, individual data is compared against predefined benchmarks to make better decisions.


Boost performance with personalised training and development plans


Recruit with confidence against the objectively assessed characteristics and abilities of your highest performers.

Analyse, interrogate and report in real time across any device.

We offer solutions for

Employee Insights

Understand your people better through deep and objective analysis. TalentMap can be used to design learning and development programs so your people grow and you retain your best talent, understand how best they ‘fit’ into teams, your culture and design your organisational structure based on objective people insight.

Graduate Recruitment

Identify the very best fit for your graduate programs through benchmarking your high performers and shortlisting against key attributes.

Hiring Apprentices

Hire based on potential and attitude, identify the candidates who demonstrate the behaviours required to complete your programs and make an impact.

Volume Recruitment

Select and assess at pace and volume with accuracy everytime.

Experienced Hires

Understand and identify what is required to succeed in senior roles and identify the important attributes of the candidates you want to hire.

Apprentice Impact

Monitor learner journey and impact, chart progression or regression and make your interventions based on objective data. Demonstrate clearly the impact you are having on your learner through the development of their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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