I wanted to write a little about TalentPulse – why we created it, what it is and how it can help TA & HR leaders.

In recent conversations I’ve had with a number of current and future clients, they told me that one of the biggest challenges they face is assessing their capability across the talent acquisition spectrum – or what we at TheTalentFinders call the pillars and foundations of talent acquisition excellence.

Many of them know their key metrics inside out – time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, source quality etc – and know when things are clearly broken, but when it comes to assessing their functions capability in individual elements of their process; identifying where there is potential for improvement (and then prioritising those improvements); or understanding the perception of TA from across the business – they often struggle.

They don’t struggle through lack of skill – all our clients have great TA & HR leaders (honestly!) – but more often because of their time and resources. It’s easy for all of us to get consumed by the day job – and in a busy TA function, even more so.

Their default position is often to bring in a TA interim or contractor, give them several weeks (or more likely months) to identify issues and provide a solution – and then ask them to deliver against their recommendations. This often gets very expensive, time consuming, and can take ownership of the fact-finding piece and the subsequent delivery of the solution away from TA & HR leaders and their team.

The other way is to realign existing resources to an improvement project, which creates the challenge of being under-resourced elsewhere – unless of course they’re an unusual TA or HR function with time on their hands (very doubtful!).

Having personally been there, done it and got the proverbial t-shirt (and also having been one of those expensive contractors, I hasten to add!), I thought there must be a better way of doing the discovery piece. A way that was more collaborative with the in-house team, more inclusive across the business and more structured in terms of outputs.

I thought there must be a way that the in-house team could own that discovery piece – without having to spend weeks away from their day jobs – and drive and own the conversation internally, rather than an external resource doing it.

So that was why we built TalentPulse:-


As a contractor, interim and permanent Talent Acquisition leader I’d had exposure to a few diagnostic tools provided by the large consultancy firms, some were quite useful – others were a little “meh” (i.e. thanks for telling me what I already knew).

None of them really tied up everything I wanted – namely around assessing the capability of individual TA building blocks, understanding the impact those building blocks have on the talent acquisition efforts of specific businesses, comparing perception from across an organisation and prioritising efforts accordingly.

I also wanted an easy way to compare year-on-year capability, and drill down to capability for specific geographies and/or functional areas – and see how my organisation was doing versus similar companies.

TalentPulse lets you do all of that and more, for roughly the equivalent of one recruitment agency fee – and for a lot less that one search firm fee!

Hopefully you’ll see from the video above an overview of what TalentPulse is capable of, but really that’s it – just an overview, not the full picture.

We’d love to spend some time getting to know you, your business and your talent acquisition team – and show you how TalentPulse can improve your understanding of your TA team’s capabilities; develop better, deeper and more collaborative relationships with key stakeholders; much more easily create business cases for investment – and build strategies that are based on in-depth understanding of both your TA delivery and your business.

Give me a shout, drop me a line or leave me a comment – it would be great to hear from you.


Alan Walker
Co-Founder – TheTalentFinders