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Come April 2017, the government is changing how apprenticeships work in England.

The government wishes to create an additional 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. Clearly, this is going to cost money, and the responsibility will rest firmly on the shoulders of employers to fund it.

There are two major apprenticeship reforms to support these changes:

The apprenticeship levy – all employers with an annual wage bill over £3 million will be charged 0.5% of their annual pay bill to fund apprenticeships.

The new apprenticeship standards – the new employer-led standards will replace old frameworks for all qualifications.

We’re very supportive of the reforms that are being brought in, and feel that the opportunities they will provide to learners and industry alike will make a valuable contribution to the UK economy.

So – are you Apprenticeship Levy ready?

No? Don’t panic, you are not alone.

Here at TheTalentFinders HQ we are not Apprenticeship levy experts, who can decipher each reform with clinical precision. We’re not as smart as that – but if that’s what you need click on a link below or engage with a leading provider, there really are some great training providers out there.

Or here

So how can we help?

We’ve already said Apprenticeships are great and a fantastic way to help address skills shortages, but many employers are worried about the risks of bringing a young person into their business with little or no work experience.

These are all viable concerns, particularly when hiring in traditional subjective ways. Thankfully with our approach you can say “to hell” with those concerns.

Put simply, we help you identify the right people for your apprenticeship programs, we help you get the best out of them, and we help you retain them in your business – ensuring you get a great return on the time and money you invest in your apprentices.

TalentMap by TheTalentFinders is a service that enables employers and training providers to hire the best possible apprentices, and reduces the risk of making a poor hire by up to 90%.

Through AI powered assessment technology, it looks to find, what makes a person tick, the type of work they display a natural flair for, and gives them a way to pitch their potential in a fun and innovative way.

By gaining a clear understanding of the abilities, emotional intelligence, personality and skills of every applicant – TalentMap by TheTalentFinders helps employers identify the right fit apprentices for their organisation.

To take the fear and guesswork out of recruiting your Apprentices – and make it fun and accurate at the same time – get in touch on  or visit