Improving candidate experiences

Have you ever thought that the candidate experience during a recruitment process could be better? Are you fed up of feeling like one of the guys/girls above every time you go through a recruitment or hiring process? Or are you a recruiter or hiring manager who is worried your candidates feel like them?

If you’re answering “yes” to any of those, we have good news

We are working on a piece of technology that will enable recruiters and hiring managers to deliver a far richer, more human and ultimately powerful and engaging candidate experience.

It will also help companies understand where they can make improvements to their hiring processes.

We have spent most of the last 12 months researching this space – with candidates, recruiters (in-house & agency) and hiring managers all contributing – and we feel we have arrived at a place where we can start building something.

But we’d really like your help to do this properly

If you are a candidate who would appreciate a better experience, and you want to help inform our development roadmap – get involved.

If you are part of a recruitment team that knows the importance of delivering a rich candidate experience – get involved.

If you are a hiring manager who wants to provide a better level of engagement with candidates – get involved.

If you are an investor who wants to keep close to what we are doing – we are keen to hear from you too.