How do we work?

Everything we do for our clients is unique. We're not a one-size-fits-all kind of company.

That doesn't mean we're reinventing the wheel every time. But we do use the correct wheel.

Our people assessment service - TalentMap - is powered by market-leading technology and delivered by experienced talent professionals.

TalentMap provides a powerful way of understanding more about your employees, candidates or students via a series of gamified assessments.

It measures individuals against precisely defined benchmarks, and through advanced analytics can predict future performance and potential in employees and candidates with unnerving accuracy.

People love it - candidates, employees, students, hiring managers, business leaders, educators and HR!

It's ace, even if we do say so ourselves.

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TalentCoach is our unique career coaching & job search amplification service.

Why is it unique, you ask? Well, we're not here to offer you sage like nuggets of self-discovery wisdom. We offer meaningful guidance and tangible support to individuals wishing to progress their careers.

We don't do fluff, but we do provide loads of actionable advice and powerful support.

Previously only available to employers, we're pleased to now be able to offer this to individuals who wish to make an investment in their careers.

How far do you want your career to go?

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